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Research Projects

UNESCO Chair on  Digitalization in TVET

Programme Overview

As the human society is now stepping onto a new historical stage, on which digitalization becomes the major power of productivity, TVET shall undergo proactive transformation to serve the digital economy and the future world of work. The UNESCO Chair on Digitalization in TVET aims to close digital divides, ensure equitable quality education, promote lifelong learning, and promote global socioeconomic sustainable development.

Global TVET Leadership Programme

Aiming to jointly build up the capacity of TVET practitioners and promote TVET development in the global community, we actively carries out international TVET leadership programs in in-depth cooperation with Mongolia Vocational Education, Training Alliance (VETP), SENATI in Peru, Shenzhen Outward Cooperation Promotion Confederation, etc. for TVET leaders and teachers in countries such as Mongolia, Peru, Iran, Cambodia, etc.