What We Do

Research Projects

Global TVET Leadership Training

Aiming to jointly build up the capacity of TVET practitioners and promote TVET development in the global community, we actively carries out international TVET leadership programs in in-depth cooperation with Mongolia Vocational Education, Training Alliance (VETP), SENATI in Peru, Shenzhen Outward Cooperation Promotion Confederation, etc. for TVET leaders and teachers in countries such as Mongolia, Peru, Iran, Cambodia, etc.

1.TVET Leadership Training on ICT and Smart Building for Mongolia

With coordination of VETP (Mongolia) and GIZ (Germany), we provide two on-site and two online TVET leadership training workshops for Mongolian TVET institutions. Cumulatively, it has shared knowledge on developing ICT and Smart Building TVET programs for more than 100 leaders and teachers from up 8 TVET institutions in Mongolian.

2. Leadership Training on Public-Private Partnership in TVET for Cambodia

With invitation from CDRI (Cambodia), we provide overseas leadership training for TVET policy-makers (ministries), public & private TVET providers, and TVET stakeholders including research institutes and enterprises on TVET Development and shared TVET Public-Private Partnership practices of Shenzhen Polytechnic.

3. TVET Leadership Training on AI and New-Energy Vehicles for Peru

In collaboration with SENATI (Peru), we provide online workshops on development of AI Application Technology TVET program and New-Energy Vehicles Technology TVET program and also shared experience on training centre construction. Trough the dissemination of SENATI, the biggest technical institution in Peru, we have shared our solutions to around 200 learners in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence from different parts of Peru.

4. TVET Leadership Training Program

Hosted by Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, we co-organized TVET Leadership Training Program for TVET policy makers from Iran, Tunisia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco,Zambia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Belarus,Nigeria,Mauritius, Venezuela, Kenya, etc.with Shenzhen Outward Cooperation Promotion Confederation(OCPC).