SZPT Students Won Great Results in the Provincial Competition of the National Mechanical Innovation Design Competition for College Students

July 8, 2022 | by

Recently, the final results of the Provincial Competition of the 10thNational Mechanical Innovation Design Competition for College Students were announced. SZPT students won 1 first prize (only 2 vocational colleges in the province won the prize), 2 second prizes and 1 third prize, ranking the first place in the total results of vocational colleges in the province.

It is reported that the Industrial Center attached great importance to and strongly supported the competition and actively organized students to participate therein. Instructors led students to overcome various difficulties during the epidemic prevention and control period and prepare well for the competition. After returning to school, they worked day and night to refine their works and went all out for the optimization and production of the works. In this process, students learned professional knowledge, improved the innovative design, comprehensive design and machining capacity, and also enhanced the teamwork, coordination and communication skills. A number of teams from renowned universities participated in the provincial competition, including the Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen University, and Guangdong University of Technology. The competition was intense, and offered the first, second and third prizes. 130 of 216 participating works won the prizes, including four prizes for the works of SZPT students.

The National Mechanical Innovation Design Competition for College Students is a science and technology activity held every two years for undergraduate students by the Steering Committee for Undergraduate Education of Mechanical Discipline in Institutions of Higher Learning under the Ministry of Education, with the approval of the Division of Higher Education under the Ministry of Education. The theme of the competition is “Nature • Harmony”, and the content is to design and manufacture bionic machinery or ecological restoration machinery. At present, the competition has become the most influential college student competition event in China, which has a significant effect on cultivating students’ engineering practical ability and comprehensive quality, ranking at the top of the national college competition list.

Work Name

Participating Students



Bionic Spider Robot

Luo Chuxuan, Liao Kai, Liu Jiaqi, Yin Hongqin

Provincial First Prize

Zhou Honghai, Ye Weiyuan

Glimpse – Diligent Tube Worm

Wu Chunhua, Dong Ge, Chen Dongjue

Provincial Second Prize

Han Jianwei, Huang Qingyun

“All-Encompassing” - Bionic Elephant Trunk Robot Arm

Chen Weihao, Ou Zhicong, Luo Zheming, Zhang Hailong

Provincial Second Prize

Huang Jian, Wan Zhijian

Ocean Guardian - Multifunctional Marine Waste Processor

Ma Tianhao, Chen Xueluan, Zhao Yu

Provincial Third Prize

Huang Qingyun, Han Jianwei

(Huang Qingyun, Industrial Training Center)