SZPT Signed a Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Huawei

August 4, 2022 | by

The signing ceremony was held at Huawei Headquarters

On July 15, the signing ceremony of a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement between SZPT and Huawei was held at Huawei Headquarters. Cai Maozhou, Director Superintendent of Shenzhen Education Bureau, Yang Xinbin, Secretary of the Party Committee of SZPT, Xu Jianling, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee & President of SZPT, Li Yue, Vice President of SZPT, Chen Bin, Vice President of Huawei China Government and Enterprise Business & General Manager of Huawei Shenzhen Government and Enterprise Business, Sun Gang, Head of Huawei BG Talent Partner Development Department, Suo Fei, Deputy General Manager of Huawei Shenzhen Government and Enterprise Business, Li Songmeng, Head of Education and Medical System Department of Huawei Shenzhen Government and Enterprise Business, and other leaders attended the activity.

Cai Maozhou delivered a speech

Cai Maozhou said in his speech that vocational education is a beautiful city name card of Shenzhen, and Shenzhen Polytechnic, as a representative thereof, is “a banner” of China’s higher vocational education, and has created many first places in China’s higher vocational education. Huawei is the world’s leading ICT infrastructure and intelligent terminal provider with strong technical strength in communication networks, IT, smart terminals, and cloud services. The cooperation between Shenzhen Polytechnic and Huawei can be said to be a powerful combination. It is hoped that the two sides will always maintain the spirit of “forging ahead”, “innovation” and “working hard”, and give full play to their respective advantages to double the benefits of cooperation and make greater contribution to the regional economic development and the improvement of people’s livelihood.

Yang Xinbin delivered a speech

Yang Xinbin, on behalf of SZPT, expressed thanks to the Shenzhen Education Bureau and Huawei for their strong support to the development of the college. He pointed out that grasping the characteristics of vocational education and deepening the integration of industry and education and the cooperation between the college and enterprises are important drivers for SZPT to achieve long-term development. In the long-term exploration, the college-enterprise dual education mode with SZPT characteristics has basically matured and finalized. In 2019, the SZPT - Huawei “course and certificate co-growth” talent training mode won the national special award for teaching achievements; in 2021, the deep integration mode of industry and education proposed by SZPT was promoted to the whole country by the National Development and Reform Commission; in 2022, at the “Ten Years of Education” conference held by the Ministry of Education, SZPT introduced the “nine commons” college-enterprise dual education mode. Over the years, SZPT has carried out a series of close cooperation with Huawei. The college and the enterprise have jointly established the Huawei ICT Institute, Huawei Cloud Kunpeng Center, Huawei 5G Training Base and other projects, realizing the interconnection of culture, technology, personnel and other essential resources. Yang Xinbin said, “Under the correct leadership of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Government, and with the strong support of Shenzhen Education Bureau, the college and Huawei join hands again. We believe that supported by Huawei’s global leading position in the ICT field, SZPT will surely become a global leader in the digital transformation of vocational education in the future, promote China’s vocational education to the center of the world stage, and drive Shenzhen to become a center city of global vocational education innovation, forming a pattern of ‘Shenzhen, China, in the east and Bonn, Germany, in the west’.”

Chen Bin delivered a speech

Chen Bin said, Shenzhen is a city of innovation. We can see that Shenzhen has ranked first in China in respect of the comprehensive index of entrepreneurship and innovation for six consecutive years. This year, Shenzhen is also making great efforts to develop the “20+8” industrial cluster. Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and 5G technology are being deeply integrated with the industry, and talent training becomes the key to promote the industrial innovation and development. We hope to explore a broader college-enterprise cooperation mode with SZPT, so as to train more talents who can master the latest technology and give play to their strengths for contribution to the industrial development in Shenzhen and even the whole country.

The two sides signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement

It is reported that Huawei and SZPT has reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation to explore the establishment of a new college-enterprise strategic cooperation mode, in order to better cope with the development of digital economy and the upward shift of regional industries.The two sides will make full use of SZPT’s influence in the national vocational education sector and Huawei’s leading position in the ICT field, fully mobilize their respective resource advantages to promote the in-depth integration of industry, education and science, focus on technology fields such as data communication, storage technology, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI), digital energy and intelligent driving, and comprehensively carry out the construction and cooperation of digital curriculum research & development center, Huawei ASC-College support center, new benchmark of world-renowned smart campus, vocational skills certification center, high-level competition & training platform and training base, high-end scientific research computing platform, and Greater Bay Area institute of information technology application innovation industry.

(Text by Jiang Tao from Office of Academic Affairs,

Photo by Zhang Lei from Department of Publicity)