Report Released:"Digital Transformation in Global TVET: Methodology and Practices"

March 12, 2024 | by

Shenzhen, China – [12/3/2024] – The UNESCO Chair on Digitalization in TVET and the UNEVOC Centre at Shenzhen Polytechnic University proudly announce the release of their latest research report, "Digital Transformation in Global TVET: Methodology and Practices." This study offers an in-depth analysis of the methodological foundation of digital transformation within the TVET sector, highlighting the latest trends, critical dimensions, and promising practices from around the globe.


Digital transformation is reshaping the landscape of TVET, driven by the urgent need to adapt to the rapidly evolving demands of the digital era. The report, structured into eight chapters, sets the context for this transformation by examining the external and internal factors propelling it forward. From the background and methodology of digital transformation in TVET to its impacts on governance, programmes, curricula, EdTech, and pedagogy, the report offers a holistic view of the shifts occurring within TVET. Additionally, the report emphasizes the importance of capacity building for digital transformation, international cooperation, and exchange, and addresses the emerging challenges and trends. It also showcases 10 cases of 'promising practices' from across the global TVET landscape, demonstrating effective strategies and implementations of digital transformation.

This publication serves as a valuable reference for TVET leaders, teachers/trainers, and a wide array of stakeholders involved in the planning and implementation of digital transformation strategies in the TVET sector. It aims to inspire and guide the TVET community through the shared vision of harnessing digital technologies for enhanced institutional digital adaptability, knowledge, and greater societal impact.

About the UNESCO Chair on Digitalization in TVET at Shenzhen Polytechnic University

Established to spearhead research and innovation in the digital transformation of TVET, the UNESCO Chair at Shenzhen Polytechnic University is at the forefront of exploring and promoting effective digital transformation practices within the sector. Through collaborative research, capacity building, and international cooperation, the Chair aims to empower TVET institutions worldwide to meet the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

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