The 1st Huawei IASC Established in SZPT, China

March 17, 2023 | by

The launch ceremony was held in Shenzhen Polytechnic, Liuxiandong Campus

On March 16, the launch ceremony of SZPT-Huawei ICT Academy Support Center (“IASC”) was held in Liuxiandong Campus, Shenzhen Polytechnic, China.Mr.Maozhou Cai,Inspector-General of the Education Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality,Mr.Yongping Lu,the President of China Division of Government-Enterprise Education & Healthcare System in Huawei,Mr.Gang Sun, Director of Huawei Enterprise BG Talent Development Department,Mr.Jing Zhang, Deputy General Manager of Huawei Shenzhen Government-Enterprise Business,Mr.Jinliang Guo, General Manager of Huawei China Government-Enterprise Education and Medical Education System Department,Mr.Xinbin Yang,Board Chairman of SZPT, andMr.Jianling Xu, President of SZPT, attended the ceremony.

At theceremony, thedistinguished guests were invited to launch the SZPT-Huawei ICT Academy Support Center. As the first ICT Academy Support Center certified and authorized by Huawei in China, the center will support development and operation of more than 220 Huawei ICT academies acrossChina, explore the best mode of ICT talent training, refine the experience that can beborrowed and promoted, and boost the development of global ICT industry chains.

Opening remarks by Mr. Maozhou Cai

Mr. Maozhou Cai, Inspector-General of the Education Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, underlined that the cooperation model of SZPT-Huawei ICTAcademy provides a good example for the training of ICT technical talents and has become a model for more than 2,200 Huawei ICTacademies worldwide. The Shenzhen Polytechnic-Huawei ICT Academy Support Center (IASC) has beenestablished to explore the best practices of ICT talentcultivation,improve the experiences that can beborrowed and promotethis model to Huawei ICTacademies andTVET sectors around the world.The Education Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality willcontinue to support thedevelopment of IASC. It is expected that the two parties will make greater contributions to the high-quality TVET development globally.

Mr. Yongping Lu, the President of China Division of Government-Enterprise Education & Healthcare System in Huawei, highlightedthat as the world’s leading ICT infrastructure and intelligent terminal provider, Huawei has strong technical strength in the fields of communication network, ICT, intelligent terminal and cloud services.Huawei would integrate cutting-edge ICT technology into TVET and joined forces with Shenzhen Polytechnic to jointly develop the Shenzhen Polytechnic-Huawei ICT Academy Support Center (IASC) as the "Whampoa Military Academy" for ICT skills talent cultivation. The two sides jointly explored the path of modernization of Chinese-style TVET and created a new model of college-enterprise cooperation, once again producing a grand blueprint for TVET in the new era, for the development of Shenzhen and for the modernization of China.

Opening remarks by Mr.Lu Yongping

Mr. Jianling Xu, President of SZPT, stressed that SZPT attached great importance to the integration between industry and education to promote the development of education, talents, industry and high-quality TVET growth. After more than ten years of practice, SZPT-Huawei ICT Academy has become a model of cooperation between enterprises and TVET institutes.In order to better support the development and operation of the academy, the two sides decided to establish the Shenzhen Polytechnic-Huawei ICT Academy Support Center (IASC) and thus enter a new stage of cooperation to expand the cooperation ecosystem.

In the future, SZPT will continue tocooperate with Huawei to cultivate more digital and high-level technical and skilled talents on a large scale. The two parties will create a new model of academic and industrial cooperation.

Opening remarks by Mr. Jianling Xu

Yang Xinbin, Board Chairman of SZPT, was delivering a keynote speech

Since 2006, SZPT and Huawei have jointly promoted the reform of the “enterprise competency-oriented” talent cultivation model and explored together the promising practices of integration between industry and education. The model SZPT-Huawei ICT Academy has been promoted and applied in many countries and regions globally.

In order to further promote the high-quality development of TVET, the Shenzhen Polytechnic-Huawei ICT Academy Support Center (IASC) will continue to sum up the successful experience of SZPT-Huawei ICT Academy and promotes it to the world. At the same time, the center also plans to implement capacity building training for TVET teachers and trainers and provide technical support in TVET delivery and management. In these ways, IASC will help other universities build and develop their ICT academies and cultivate more innovative and applied technical talents for the ICT industry chains.