Prof. YANG Xinbin Made a Presentation at 2024 World Digital Education Conference in Shanghai, China

February 20, 2024 | by

The 2024 World Digital Education Conference, a landmark event held in Shanghai, China from January 29-31, brought together global leaders in education, technology, and policy to explore the future of digital learning. Co-hosted by the Ministry of Education of China, the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO, and the Shanghai Municipal Government, the conference centered on the theme "Digital Education: Application, Sharing, and Innovation," with a strong focus on aligning digital education initiatives with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Over 800 delegates, including 400 representatives from more than 70 countries and regions worldwide attended the conference.

Key topics addressed during the conference included the Improvement of Digital Literacy and Competency of Teachers, Education Digitalization and Learning Society Construction, Global Trends of Digital Education and Evaluation Index, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Ethics, Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Transformation for Basic Education, and Digital Governance in Education. These discussions underscored the critical role of digital technologies in shaping future educational landscapes and the need for a global collaborative approach to harness their potential.

The Parallel Session Two, "Education Digitalization and Learning Society Construction," aligned with UNESCO's agenda, delved into the integration of digitalization within lifelong learning and professional education, aiming to share international policies, strategies, and practices, showcase the latest research outcomes, and foster international collaboration in digital transformation in TVET and lifelong learning.

Dr. Prof. YANG Xinbin, holder of the UNESCO Chair on digitalization in TVET at Shenzhen Polytechnic University, China, made a presentation on the role of TVET in supporting lifelong learning. He delved into the importance of digital skills as key competencies for the new workforce, stressed the need for digital transformation across industries, and highlighted our institution's solutions and practices in the implementation of digital transformation supported by the framework of the UNESCO Chair on Digitalization in TVET and the broader digital transformation initiatives in supporting lifelong learning.

(Dr. Prof. YANG Xinbin making a presentation at the conference)

The 2024 World Digital Education Conference in Shanghai has set a new benchmark for international cooperation and innovation in digital education. By bringing together experts from various fields to share knowledge and insights, the conference has paved the way for a more integrated, accessible, and innovative digital education landscape, promising to make significant strides towards achieving the UN SDGs in education.

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