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  • Trends mapping study: Digital skills development in TVET teacher training

    Digitalization has led to extensive changes in the skills required for work and life. For technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutions to remain relevant and attractive, they need to identify and introduce digital skills and competencies for the changing world of work, and to better utilize the opportunities provided by digitalization, particularly distance learning. Thei...

  • New qualifications and competencies for future-oriented TVET - Volume 1

    TVET governance: steering collective action

    This volume is written with the macrolevel or system-level stakeholder in mind. Macro level stakeholders can be any number of bodies with a mandate for collective action in TVET. This primarily covers ministries and statutory bodies with legally assigned duties in the governance of TVET.Policy and operational managers interested in understanding some of the challenges and opportunities of intro...

  • New qualifications and competencies for future-oriented TVET - Volume 2

    This volume addresses the role of meso-level TVET stakeholders in the process of maintaining and updating TVET systems to ensure they remain fit for purpose. Meso-level stakeholders indicate institutions participating in the advancement of TVET systems. Of particular note in this document are organizations covering activities in specific economic sectors, such as business membership organizatio...

  • New qualifications and competencies for future-oriented TVET - Volume 3

    TVET delivery: providing innovative solutions

    This volume focuses on the micro-level stakeholders involved in the implementation of TVET skilling programmes and/or their components. It will suit lecturers, administrators and programme designers interested in understanding some of the challenges and opportunities of introducing new qualifications and competencies into TVET programmes.The volume aims to address the role and contributions of ...

  • Understanding the impact of artificial intelligence on skills development

    Artificial intelligence has produced new teaching and learning solutions that are now undergoing testing in different contexts. In addition to its impact on the education sector, AI is substantially altering labour markets, industrial services, agriculture processes, value chains and the organization of workplaces in particular.Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) contributes ...

  • Trends in New Qualifications and Competencies for TVET - Perspectives of the European UNEVOC Network

    Trends Mapping Study

    This Trends Mapping Study is part of the Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET project. It draws on a selection of relevant literature, the data collected from the UNEVOC Network using an online survey and focus group activities, as well as on information obtained from a virtual conference hosted by the UNESCO-UNEVOC TVET Online Forum. Based on the evidence gathered, the study identifies nin...

  • Innovating technical and vocational education and training

    A framework for institutions

    Global developments including the transition to greener economies, the application of digital technologies in the world of work, and the COVID-19 pandemic, amongst others, are changing the way we live and work. These developments are driving technical and vocational education and training (TVET) systems to improve their capacity to identify the future skills demands and to expand access to skil...

  • Promoting quality in TVET using technology

    A practical guide

    Technology has altered many aspects of life, including education and training. As a result of technological developments, technical and vocational education and training (TVET) has become more accessible to students, and the quality of education and training has improved too. Teachers and trainers can use digital tools to manage their tasks effectively and engage learners in digitally-rich envi...

  • Trends mapping - Future of TVET teaching

    The following report presents the results of the trends mapping study on the future of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) teaching, conducted by UNESCO-UNEVOC. The study aimed to engage the international TVET community to: (i) improve the understanding of the implications of global disruptions; (ii) gather knowledge, insights, experiences; and (iii) highlight promising pract...

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